Hawaiian shirts, pineapples, catchy Indie-Rock melodies, a British accent and craigslist - all can be used when describing new Southern California based indie-alternative group Lad’s Holiday. The band formed in late 2015 when founding members Cody Seeger and Liam Wilkes met via the reliable world of Craigslist. The two had joined another band via Craigslist before realizing that project was heading in a different direction musically than desired.


“We were both playing in another band that we had found on Craigslist. We didn’t have much of a say from a creative aspect and that band was heading in a different direction musically than we wanted to go. We broke off and started our own project and couldn’t be happier with the results” – Cody Seeger, Lead Guitar


Liam and Cody settled on the band name, Lad’s Holiday, after Liam (a Manchester, England native) had used the phrase when describing what Americans may call a “guys trip” or “dudes weekend”. The name stuck and the theme of the band was born (Hawaiian shirts, pineapples, inflatable zebras, etc… you get the idea).


Lad’s Holiday spent a few months writing and recording their 6-track debut EP tiled “THE EP” with Skyler Lutes and his Sunset Cliffs based studio. After releasing the EP at the end of May 2016 Skyler officially joined the band to play Bass. The last piece was finding Drummer, John Martinez, to round out the 4-piece lineup.


Look for the Indie rockers to put out their second EP in January 2018. 

"Hawaiian shirts, pineapples, catchy indie-rock melodies, a British accent and craigslist"

- AOTR Media

"Lad's Holiday is an incredible band with INSANE energy. Even as a company that has seen countless shows for nearly ten years, this band completely blew us away!

- Groove International 

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